Quartz Countertops CT

Quartz Countertops in CT
Quartz Countertops in CT

A quartz kitchen countertop is one of the most durable countertops you can buy today. Quartz is a natural crystal, and more precious varieties are cut into gemstones. Like marble and granite, it’s mined from a quarry. An additional manufacturing process is required to make quartz into a countertop, as quartz can not be mined in the sizes required for a countertop, like granite or marble can be. Crushed quartz is mixed with about 7% of polymers, which can be formed into a variety of different sizes and shapes of kitchen countertops. For those seeking something a bit different, the natural look of quartz may work well in your kitchen. Colors may be varied, but white, beige, and clear is the most common.

Quartz countertops connecticut
Quartz countertops connecticut



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